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Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition

The doctors at Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital use many different types of prescription diets and nutritional supplements to help your pet live a long, healthy life. Our doctors are constantly researching the impact of diet on the health of pets and are always happy to advise you on what’s best to feed your companion based the animal’s specific needs.

Here’s a list of the prescription diets and supplements we recommend and carry at our hospital for your convenience:

Hills i/d – GastrointestinalHills i/d – GastrointestinalDasuquin (Glucosamine Sulfate)
Hills w/d – GastrointestinalHilla w/d – GastrointestinalFree Form Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Hills k/d – Kidney healthHills k/d – Kidney healthDenosyl (Liver support)
Hills d/d – DermatologicalHills d/d – DermatologicalCAS Options (Immune function support)
Hills t/d – DentalHills t/d – DentalDMG (Immune function support)
Hills y/d – Thyroid healthHills b/d – Healthy agingLysine Chews (Virus suppressant)
Hills r/d – Weight lossHills r/d – Weight lossCo-enzyme Q10 (Cardiovascular support)
Hills m/d – Weight managementHills h/d – Cardiac healthGlutamine (Muscle support)
Hills z/d – Allergy managementPurina OM – Weight managementAzodyl (Kidney support)
Purina HA – DermatologicalPurina HA – DermatologicalSolliquin (Anxiety)
Purina OM – Weight managementIAMS Low Res – Gastrointestinal health
Purina NF – Kidney functionIAMS Renal Plus – Kidney health
Purina UR – Urinary health
Purina DM – Diabetic
IAMS Intestinal Plus
IAMS Renal Plus

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