Behavior Resources

When there’s a behavior change with your pet, it’s always important to first determine if there’s a medical issue causing the problem. Any number of health issues can contribute to some of the most common canine and feline behavioral issues. If an underlying medical issue is causing the behavior problems, our team will help you to create a plan of treatment. In some cases, medication may be the best solution.

After ruling out any medical issues,  you can make a plan to address the remaining issue. This will contribute you both you and your pet having a better quality of life and maintaining a good relationship.

The most common canine and feline behavior problems include:

  • House Soiling
  • Puppy/Kitten Issues
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Noise Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Cognitive Dysfunction

If you are having trouble with any of these – do not fear! There are many resources out there to help a new pet parent navigate the pet behavior & training world. We have compiled a list of trusted resources below to address some of the most common issues pet parents have.

Keep in mind that behavior problems can be complex and may take time and patience to resolve – be patient with your pet, and yourself.

FAQs About Puppies and Dogs!

The most frequent inquiries we get concern the training of puppies and behavior problems in dogs. Below are some of the most common issues. Just click on the question and it will take you to further reading and advice about the issue from a reputable source.

1. How do I house-train my new puppy?

2. I’ve heard using a crate is best for house training and keeping my puppy out of trouble. How do I do this?

3. My puppy is biting me! Is he going to be aggressive or is this normal?

4. I don’t want my puppy to be a “fraidy cat”. How should I go about socializing them?

5. How do I stop my dog from jumping on me?

6. I think my dog may have separation anxiety. How can I tell? What should I do?

7. My dog barks all day! What is he barking at? How do I get him to stop?

8. I am thinking about getting another dog. Is adopting a shelter dog a good idea? What should I get?

9. I just found out that I’m pregnant. What should I do to get my dog ready for the baby?